About Our Chapter


Welcome to the Connecticut Alpha chapter of Pi Beta Phi! 
We are proudly the longest standing panhellenic sorority on UConn’s campus - chartering in 1943, 77 years ago! Throughout our history we have maintained our five significant values of integrity, lifelong commitment, honor and respect, personal and intellectual growth, philanthropic service to others, and sincere friendship. Our chapter is home to a diverse group of amazing women who strive for greatness in all they do.
Together we work diligently to support children’s literacy in our local community and nationwide through our philanthropy Read > Lead > Achieve. We believe every child that has the opportunity to be a reader, has the opportunity to become a leader. Our chapter hosts philanthropy events during the school year such as Arrowspike, a volleyball tournament where any group can sign up and donate to our philanthropic efforts. Most notably we participate in a hands on initiative called Champions are Readers where we volunteer at Natchaug Elementary School in Willimantic, CT. There, we read to three different 3rd grade classrooms including a bilingual class! 
I remain in awe of the genuine sisterhood Pi Phi shares and the amazing accomplishments each sister achieves every day. I am so excited to lead this chapter as President for 2020 along with my leadership team as we strive to continue to support our sisterhood. 
Please feel free to browse and get to know more about the place CT Alpha women are lucky to call home. 
In the Wine & Silver Blue,
Jess Deacon


On campus, Pi Beta Phi has a chapter house in Husky Village. This is where another 11 organizations have their houses too. Husky Village is a great Greek environment and home to 30 sisters of our chapter every year. There is a mix of new member classes and academic years living in the home in addition to the majority of our executive board. Click here to watch a video of what it is like to live in our house!


We are always aiming high with Pi Beta Phi. As high achieving women, personal and intellectual growth is a Pi Phi value we all care about. Pi Phi prioritizes academics and the growth of our members. To do this, we have programs instilled at all levels of collegiate years, focusing on achievements, improvements, and motivation. 

Our Academic Incentives:
Academic Angels – each sister is placed within an "Academic Angels" Facebook group, which connects sisters with similar fields of study together, and acts as a place to ask questions, share notes, and foster academic encouragement!

No Skips Jar – every week at chapter, our sisters are given the opportunity to enter their name in a raffle to win a Dunkin gift card if they attended all of their classes from the previous week!

Pi Party – once per semester, our sisters who achieved a GPA of a 3.14 or higher are invited to a pizza party at our house!

Superstar Letters – the sister who submits the most A's thhey received (on major exams, papers, projects, etc.) will receive a free pair of stitched letters!

Most Study Hours – throughout the year, our sisters track the amount of time they spend studying through an app called "Greek Study" and at the end of each semester, the sister who has the most hours on the app will receive a gift!


Some of our greatest experiences have come from the time we spend with other Greek organizations! Events we take part in with other organizations include:

Homecoming and Greek Week, which allow our members the chance to come together and celebrate the pride and spirit of being a part of Greek Life.

2017 Greek Week
We are proud to announce that Greek Week 2017 we took home the title of 1st Place for the second year in a row! We would like to thank our Greek Week Chair, Halsey O'Loughlin and our partners Sigma Phi Epsilon, Pi Kappa Phi, and Delta Phi Lambda. We had such a blast getting to know these organizations better and celebrating our Greek community! 

2016 Greek Week 
We are excited to annouce that our chapter and team took home 1st Place Greek Week Champions! We could not have done it without our Greek Week Chairs, Erica Jingozian and Andrea Lorenzon. We would also like to thank our Greek Week partners Zeta Beta Tau and Alpha Kappa Lambda for such a memorable week!

The annual Arête Awards are hosted by the Office of Fraternity and Sorority Life at UConn. Here are some of our accomplishments and awards that we have received these past few years:


2020 Arête Awards

This year our chapter was honored to receive the award of Outstanding Senior, awarded to our former Vice President of Recruitment Maddison Gates. We are so proud of Maddison as she is now a Pi Beta Phi Leadership Development Consultant for HQ!


2018 Arête Awards
This year our chapter proudly received the Excellence in Community Impact and Excellence in Member Development. Several of our members also received awards including Ryley McGinnis for Outstanding Greek Scholar and Catie Latella for Lindsay L. Sells Outstanding Panhellenic Woman. Lastly our chapter advisor, Allison Hayes received the Outstanding Advisor. 

2017 Arête Awards
Our chapter was honored to received several chapter awards this year including Chapter of the Year and Excellence in Wellness and Safety. Katrina Curro also received Outstanding Chapter President. We are so proud of our Executive Council for making this happen, as well as every member of our chapter for their contributions!

2016 Arête Awards
This year our chapter received the awards of Greek Emerging Leader, awarded to our Chapter President Kaitlin Jenkins, Outstanding Greek Senior, 2016 Greek of the Year, and the Lindsey L. Sell Outstanding Panhellenic Woman Award. Our chapter leaders and
members worked very hard for these awards and were so excited to receive them! 

2015 Arête Awards
Our chapter and members dedicated and development was recognized through the following awards: Outstanding Membership Development, Outstanding Greek Auxiliary Member, Outstanding Greek Alumni Award, Outstanding Greek Faculty Award.

2014 Arête Awards
This year we were honored to receive the Outstanding Membership Development, Outstanding Greek Auxiliary Member, Outstanding Greek Alumni, and Outstanding Greek Advisor